About Us

The WrapArt crew has more than 50 years combined experience in graphic design and signage design, production and installations.

WrapArt is a joint effort between Caradonna Design and Signature Signs & Graphics Inc., both Ottawa, Ontario based companies.

Putting vinyl on vehicles is no secret and has been around a long time – especially in the trucking & trade related industries. Now, wraps are rapidly growing in popularity and becoming more & more common in mainstream business.

Our two companies, both having previously done wraps, began working together to generate more business as a team. Caradonna Design to handle sales/marketing and design, Signature Signs to handle production and installation. Combined efforts of two established businesses, the “WrapArt” brand was formed. This will easily identify and separate the wrap business we generate apart from our two existing companies.

WrapArt is the best of what we both have to offer !


WrapArt.ca is a subsidiary of Caradonna Design and Signature Signs & Graphics Inc.